Saturday, September 19, 2009

Starting Preschool

I am very behind on my blogs, and I have no idea why I cannot seem to find time to blog like I always did before. On Sept 9th, Princess started preschool at our church. She was very excited and has loved every minute of being there. She is in a class with 2 other girls and 8 boys! She is slowly learning all of the other kids and loves her teacher, Ms. Melanie. I think Princess is developmentally on track, but preschool will be very good for her social development. I guess we tend not to believe in getting involved in too many activities too early - (she's gonna be 4 in Dec), there is plenty of time for exploring other activities and getting busy as she gets older. Currently, I am jealous for the time I have with my children. I don't always feel as if I spend it wisely, but I know that it is short, even more so now. Speed Racer was very sad that Princess started to preschool. He has always been around her and misses her, but he is adapting, and we are having fun together. Hopefully, I am able to focus on teaching him some skills he needed to work on, like ABC recognition and obedience in the grocery store. :)

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