Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Princess!

Today is Princess's 3rd birthday. It was a very big day for us. Yesterday, she and I made sugar cookies, which I finished by frosting them this morning. They are carriage cookies. I know they are a little rough looking because I am very much a frosting amateur, however, I am very proud of them, and they taste really good. They are completely homemade.

Shortly after I finished frosting the cookies, Nana came over. Then Aunt Jenn arrived. They decided to give Princess her birthday gifts before we went to lunch. I don't even know if I should go into what she got, but let's just say that Christmas came early, as it does every year for this little girl. As you can see, she got to dress like Cinderella. We have not upgraded any toys from "baby" to little girl, and Princess has been quite bored, so I was very thankful to receive these new play items because I am hopeful that they will get many hours of play. I'm not sure this is good or bad, but even Pea thinks they are pretty cool. Maybe the 3 of us will play "Princess". Just kidding, daddy!

Though they are 19 1/2 months apart, it is hard for me to manage my time playing with them in an age and gender appropriate way. Nineteen and a half months seems to be a lot between a girl and a boy and in early development. Pea is all boy - he likes playing with balls and cars. Princess is a book warm - she likes books and learning.

Back to our day - then we went to lunch. Then Papaw and Uncle Robby came to visit - more gifts. Then Princess and I played while Pea slept. At this point, Papaw and Robby had left. Mom and Jenn were running an errand. Then daddy came home, and we gave her our gift. Then Grandma came over. We played for a little while, and then went to dinner. I know, I was prepared for cookies, but not for dinner - couldn't manage to do both, though I've got tomorrow's dinner planned. :) Then we came home, played a few minutes and went to bed.

Tomorrow we are getting a new water heater. Daniel just showed me the bill, and I was depressed, but at least we will get $300 back from Alagasco. In my dreams, it was going to be less than or equal to this amount, but not so says Daniel. Merry Christmas to me, I suppose! :(

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