Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Tired


I awoke tired.  Its her birthday today, and I overslept, waking to look at the clock not realizing that it said 6:30 instead of 5:30.

The sounds of my son coming down the stairs, and my husband quickening to get her up made me take notice of the real time.

She groaned as I tried to help her quickly get ready.  Her grumbling caused daddy to grumble, and then me to grumble.  Like a snowball that builds, we were all building one bad emotion on top of another.

The day fell into me.  A sense of tiredness.  A sense of a need to stop.  To turn back the hands of time and restart.  To awake refreshed. 

Alas, my mind stops the snowball, and says, "Enough."  I quickly give Him the rest of the day to redeem from my grumbling tired mess.

He takes the battle of my mind, of my to-do list and says, "Rest."  Here in this moment.  "Let not yourself worry about tomorrow, for I am taking care of that day."

I relax, happy to oblige Him His work, and freely take mine - resting as I move about the day.


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  1. When I let Him take care of me, I feel less tired and more rested. Thanks for the reminder!


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