Monday, August 22, 2011

An Ode to My King

In this sin filled world, is there any hope?
It seems I am only one wrong move away from a downward slope.

The enemy, ready to attack and pounce, crouches at my door,
so I put my face and knees to the floor.

I do the only thing I can do,
and place my life in You.

I lift my eyes up to the Only One
because He and He alone is where life is begun.

Get behind me little and big insecurity.
Lord, only You can set me free.

With You, these chains cannot hold me down.
Instead You've given me a gaze upon your righteous crown.

I praise you for making and loving me.
so very lovingly and tenderly.

No longer will I mope and fear,
even as they laugh and jeer.

Instead, my hope is You, My King.
a new song I will forever sing.

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