Monday, July 27, 2009

Praying for their Footsteps - Psalm 139

I bet you thought I forgot about my own idea to pray for my kids - nope! We've been studying the Psalms at church, and this week we studied Psalm 139. This is one of my all time favorite Psalms, and I thought I would use The Message version along with my own attempts to paraphrase this week to pray for Princess and Pea. Remember if you want to join in to do this too, just add a comment to my blog, as I'm not using Mr. Linky right now.

God, investigate Princess's and Pea's life; get all the facts firsthand.
Each one is an open book to You (even when they are mysterious to me);
even from a distance, You know what each one thinks.
You know when each one leaves the room and when each one comes back;
however, neither one is ever out of Your sight!
You know everything each one says to me each day and the sounds they make
even before the sound or word is ever uttered.
When each one looks around, You are there, everywhere they look -
in the trees, in the sky, in the kitchen, in the bathtub.
Your reassuring Presence is there wherever they are;
You protect them from the boogie man much better than I
and linger even when their fear is gone.
It is almost too much, how wonderful, so wonderful
that is hard for me to even understand much less explain it to the kids.

Is there anyplace Princess or Pea can avoid you?
Are they ever out of Your Sight?
If they climb as high as the sky, You are still there with them!
If they go far underground, You are still there with them!
Even when I am not with them (as now they are asleep in their room),
You are with them!
If they ran away from me as far as they could go out of my eyesight,
You would be their waiting on them going before them.
If they were lost to me, they would be found in You.
Even when it is dark, it is as light to You
because darkness isn't dark to You - it's all the same.
You still see them.

You shaped them even as they grew in my womb.
And I am convinced that you knew them more intimately than I
even before You placed them there.
How I thank You for these precious little ones!
O Magnificent One - You have made each one marvelously,
both body and soul, inside and out.
My adoration is for You in creating each one just as they should be.
You know all about them - in and out,
you know every bone in their sweet bodies,
you know their organs, even each cell that forms all the rest.
You know exactly how Princess and Pea are made
You sculpted them from nothing into something
You know the whole story of their lives,
from conception to the grave to eternity -
all the stages and developments they will achieve You have already seen.
Every day that they will live has already been prepared for them.

Your thoughts are beautiful to me, O God.
Please allow Princess and Pea to find Your thoughts beautiful as well.
Even though we can never comprehend them or even count them.
Let me rise in the morning and live always with You,
and let my children want to do the same!
God, we wait for You to do away with wickedness forever.
Some belittle You, but may my children never want to do this.
Let them never be infatuated with cheap god-imitations.
Let them hunger only for the Real Thing.

Investigate them, Know them,
Find out all about Princess and Pea (and give me wisdom),
Get a clear picture of what each one is all about
(and let me have a picture of it too)
Guide Princess
Guide Pea
on the road and pathway to eternal life.

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