Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Biggest Loser

To give you a running update:  it is hard.  It is not easy.  Sometimes, I just plain do not want to do it.  I already bled all over my first pair of shoes, which I suppose I will have to throw away.  I got another pair of shoes and kept on walking/running.  In a week, I logged 5 hours 45 minutes of work out time, most of which was walking.  If you don't know me, this is like amazing.  I've never worked out much in my entire life.  In the process, I managed to hurt my knee, then my other knee began hurting.  And my toes go numb when I walk/run, so I've gotta it going on.  *sigh*  No pain, no gain, or in this case, no pain, no loss.

I joined the faithfully fit bible study on Wed nights at church, and this week, I was the biggest loser, losing 4.7 pounds.  I also lost an inch.  Yay me!  My workout buddy lost 4.5 pounds too. Yay, friend!  My scales at home said I'd lost only 3.5 lbs, which I think is more accurate.

My first pair of running shoes

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